The Sweet, Sweet Country Poster

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My friend Kirk and fellow Southerner designed the Sweet, Sweet Country poster. I absolutely love it. He’s done a bang up job taking the themes and tone of the film and creating something beautiful. I love that so many people … Continue reading

Shooting in Clarkston, Georgia Part 1

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I got a text message today from one of our crew members that read, “Guess what I’m doing right now? Looking up refugee volunteer opportunities”! Filming in Clarkston, GA was by far the best decision made concerning Sweet, Sweet Country. … Continue reading

“If you split, you will break.”

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I’ve been taking advantage of my extra preproduction time to do more research and character development for Sweet, Sweet Country. No point in letting the time go to waste.  My main character and her family are Somali. In the last … Continue reading

The Double Edge of Collaboration

Opening Scene of Divine Rite © 2012 daye. All rights reserved.

The title of this post should read, “The Double Edge of Collaboration or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept the Value of Choosing the Wrong Person.” About a week ago we wrapped a short film I photographed for … Continue reading

The Style Plan

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There are nine of us in our Advanced Directing course. Each of us gets a full class dedicated to our film. We do a table read of the script, then the Director presents a Style Plan that breaks down the … Continue reading

Struggle in Story

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I started writing Sweet, Sweet Country in June of last year. It came from a number of places. It came from conversations with a number of refugees I’ve meant in the last 10 years. It was common to hear stories … Continue reading