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Preproduction Crazy Time aka Awesome Time

Preproduction kicked in back in mid June after the quarter ended. Between then and now, so many things have happened that I’ve not had a chance to update the production blog. Right now all I can do is just list the awesome and come back later for a more detailed post.

1. My Producer, Dana Gills, is amazing. She’s been invaluable in the development of Sweet, Sweet Country. The power of a supportive Producer can not be measured.

2. We found a Co-Producer in Atlanta, Autumn Bailey-Ford. It took Dana and I no time at all to decide to bring Autumn on board. In a weekend she connected us with so many other like minded and amazingly positive and supportive people in my hometown. ATL, baby!

3. Vivia Armstrong is helping us with casting and is responsible for connecting us with Autumn. Thank you, girl.

4. We’ve added a few partners to the mix that we’ll talk about a bit later, as we proceed.

5. Meetings with department heads have gone well. I love people that make me think beyond my original ideas. They all ask questions specific to their craft that is making Sweet, Sweet Country feel full and real. People who listen, more than talk – people who ask more questions than pontificate are invaluable and should be some of the first people you approach when it’s time to create something. Thank You.

6. We will be at Get Connected in Atlanta on the 26th of July. Find us and say, “Hey!!” Bring a headshot and resume. We’re looking for extras and supporting cast.

7. We’ve cast Gbenga Akinnagbe as Ernesto in Sweet, Sweet Country! I first saw Gbenga in The Wire as Chris Partlow and he instantly went on my “Would Love to Work With” List. Let’s be honest a gang of folk from The Wire are on that list, but I’m excited that Gbenga’s the first.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post one more time before I drive out to Atlanta again in a few days. This will be the third road trip across the country in 8 months. I ain’t complaining. The solitude of the road is never a bad thing.

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