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Two months, three weeks and one day…

It’s been 2 months, 3 weeks and one day since we wrapped Sweet, Sweet Country and it’s coming along. I screened a cut for my classmates over a week ago.  The feedback was productive and very much appreciated. I also had a viewing with my production professor from first year.  It’s so great to get feedback that serves your story from people you respect.

Gbenga is in town and we had a chance to meet up and he watched the most recent cut of the film. The picture sums it all up. I watched him, as he watched the film.  I was quite proud.

I remember our initial conversations about Sweet, Sweet Country after he read the script.  I was so excited that he believed in the story and what I was trying to do with it.  Our first read through together, was the day before our first day of shooting and it felt right.  From that moment to this I knew the character Ernesto was in safe hands.

And that goes triple for the main character, Ndizeye.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Danielle Deadwyler, a local Atlanta actor. My Co-Producer, AD, Casting Director and I were overwhelmed at how amazing she was in her audition. She blew us away. She walked out the room and we all knew she was Ndizeye. She’s completely raw, open and never once held back. I’m jonesing to work with her again.

Having two actors like Gbenga and Danielle on set was an experience. They were both strong collaborators. They owned their characters and made Sweet, Sweet Country real. It was a learning experience, to say the least and one that has me excited to start developing the characters for my thesis film.

Before I jump headlong into that, there’s more editing to do, film submission deadlines, posters to deal with, an EPK to design, sound design and music and other post productions items. I’ll try to be more present on the blog, so stay up.

Check out the Sweet, Sweet Country Trailer and two teasers.

Sweet, Sweet Country Trailer.

Sweet, Sweet Country Teaser #2.

Sweet, Sweet Country Teaser #1.

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